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02 Jun '23
03 Jun '23
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Professional help

 Professional help

Health, fitness, vitality...

A modern treatment base provides services in the field of rehabilitation and preventive health care. Rehabilitation in our hotel has been prepared for people who need to continue treatment after surgeries, treatments and injuries as well as for further preventive healthcare. During your rest you will take care of your health and our team of specialists will help and make you feel new vitality and inner peace. Enjoy your health at any time of the year...

 Professional help
 Professional help

Wide offer

Our therapeutic methods support treatment in the field of musculoskeletal diseases, after spine surgery, orthopedic procedures, post-traumatic conditions, contusions, respiratory diseases (chronic respiratory tract diseases).

Special offers

Special offers are excellent stay programs, prepared by our team for special occasions and circumstances. We create a calendar of special offers based on the expectations and dreams of our guests.

Our special offers encourage you to choose the best time for relaxation and regeneration of vitality.

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