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Rehabilitation Rules & Regulations

30 Sep '23
01 Oct '23
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Rules & Regulations for Rehabilitation

  • To guarantee appointment availability, it is recommended that you book your treatments a few days in advance.
  • In the absence of prior reservation, the Customer may use the services subject to availability. 
  • Promotions for treatments offered by the Rehabilitation Department do not combine.
  • The Department reserves the right to perform certain treatments only after a physiotherapeutic consultation, the cost of which is 100 PLN.
  • Prices of treatments and services included in the price list of the Rehabilitation Department are not negotiable.
  • For scheduled treatments, please show up approximately 5 minutes early and have your treatment card with you.
  • For water treatments, it is recommended to come in a bathing suit and robe; for dry treatments, please bring the interlining sheets you received with your treatment plan.
  • If you do not arrive for the scheduled treatment and do not inform the Rehabilitation Department about the cancellation at least 1 hour before the scheduled treatment, the treatment will be forfeited (in case of package treatments).
  • Failure to arrive at the scheduled treatment, and failure to inform the Department of Rehabilitation more than 3 hours before the procedure will result in a charge to the hotel customer account in the amount of 100% of the price of the procedure. (Does not apply to package treatments).
  • Package treatments are not exchangeable, their time is set top-down before the client's arrival and can be changed at the client's request only in exceptional cases. 
  • If you are more than 5 minutes late for your appointment, the Rehabilitation Department reserves the right to shorten the treatment time without reducing the price.
  • On the premises of the Rehabilitation Facility it is prohibited to:
    - drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes

    - use drugs

    - Bringing in animals 

  • An employee of the facility has the right to refuse to perform a treatment if the client:
                  - does not comply with the rules of these regulations

                  - is under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants

                  - there is a suspicion of contraindication to perform a given procedure

                  - the state of hygiene does not allow for carrying out the treatment 

  • Before performing the treatment, the client is obliged to inform the therapist about any malaise or other circumstances that may be an obstacle to the performance of the treatment.
  • If you feel worse during treatment, notify your therapist immediately.
  • Hotel and Rehabilitation Center staff are not responsible for jewelry and other valuables left in the facility
  • Children under 16 are allowed in the Rehabilitation Center only under the care of their parents or guardians
  • Children and adolescents up to 16 years of age can only use some of the treatments available at the Rehabilitation Department after prior consultation with a physiotherapist in the presence of a parent or guardian
  • The customer is financially responsible for damages caused by him or persons under his care
  • The Rehabilitation Department reserves the right to change the opening hours of the Department due to technical or other reasons.
  • Booking of treatments in the Rehabilitation Department by persons who are not Hotel Guests requires an advance payment of at least 30% of the amount of the treatment.
  • All comments and disputes concerning the functioning and rules of the Rehabilitation Department should be reported at the reception desk or directly to the Rehabilitation Department Manager.

The purchase of a given service is tantamount to making a statement by the Customer that he or she is familiar with these regulations and accepts their conditions.

Sauna Rules & Regulations

1. The sauna is an integral part of the swimming pool and the provisions of the general regulations apply there.

2. Please read the rules and regulations before entering the sauna area and before using the individual facilities.

3. Using the sauna is equivalent to the fact that the person has read and accepts all points of the rules.

4. The sauna complex is a non-textile zone. Users must take into account the possibility that this area may be used by naked or incompletely dressed persons.

5. When using the sauna rooms you must strictly adhere to the instructions for use of the equipment, instructions and information given by the staff.
6. The user of the sauna is fully responsible for his own safety.
7. The Hotel will not be held responsible for the health effects of staying in a sauna.

8. The sauna may be used only by healthy people or people whose ailments are not contraindications to the use of the procedure.

9. Children under 16 years of age are only allowed in the sauna when accompanied by adults.

10. People that are not allowed to use the sauna:

- suffering from heart diseases, hypertension and vascular diseases,
- suffering from thyroid disease, claustrophobia, epilepsy, acute rheumatic conditions, cancer, acute infections and asthmatic conditions,
- with fever,
- women during menstruation and pregnancy and lactation
- tired and in a state of intoxication
- with fresh and open wounds
11. The dry sauna room has a temperature of 80 degrees C - 100 degrees C and air humidity up to 20%.
12. The steam sauna room has a temperature of 45 degrees C - 55 degrees C and air humidity of 60 - 100%.
13. Adjustment of temperature and humidity in the sauna is the responsibility of the operator (it is forbidden to change the parameters yourself).
14. Before entering the sauna room you should:
- remove any metal objects, as these may cause burns
- remove glasses and contact lenses,
- wash your entire body under the shower with soap, and then wipe dry,
- take off your swimming pool shoes and leave them before entering the room.
15. The hotel is not responsible for items left in or around the sauna.
16. Do not bring electronic devices, phones, mp3 players, etc. into the sauna.
17. In the sauna, you should sit on a towel and keep your feet on it. The towel should be spread out so that no part of your body is in contact with the surface of the seat.
18. Any deterioration in your well-being should be reported to staff immediately. 

Pool Rules & Regulations

  1. The business entity authorized to manage the Pool is Hotel Hamilton Dobosz Limited Partnership.
  2. It is assumed that each person staying in the Swimming Pool area is familiar with the provisions of these Regulations and undertakes to comply with them unconditionally.
  3. People with unstable health condition (heart diseases, circulatory disorders, balance or similar) use the pool with special caution - after prior consultation with a doctor or at their own risk.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to sell, serve, bring in or consume alcoholic beverages, narcotics and other psychotropic substances in the swimming pool area.
  5. Users of the pool must not cause situations threatening their own and other people's safety, in particular it is forbidden to:
    • eating food and chewing gum
    • jumping into the pool and jacuzzi
    • running, also in the changing room
    • throw or push other people into the water
    • smoke cigarettes
    • destroying equipment, devices and littering in the pool area
    • use balls or other toys without prior consent of the lifeguard
    • walk in the swimming pool area in footwear, excluding flip-flops
    • initiate false alarms
    • bring in baby carriages and wheelchairs for the disabled
  6. Swimwear is compulsory at the swimming pool. Children under 4 years of age may swim only in waterproof diapers.
  7. Children under 16 years of age may stay in the swimming pool area and bathe only under the supervision of adults.
  8. Parents (guardians) are responsible for the behavior and safety of children using the pool.
  9. Before entering the pool everyone is obliged to take a shower and thoroughly wash the body and disinfect feet. In the event of failure to comply with this obligation, the lifeguard on duty may refuse permission to use the pool.
  10. You must enter and exit the pool using a ladder or stairs.
  11. For contaminated water in the pool or jacuzzi the person who caused the contamination is obliged to pay a fee of 2000 PLN.
  12. Swimming pool activities may only take place in the presence of an instructor and lifeguards.
  13. Any accident in the pool area or injury to health should be reported immediately to the lifeguard.
  14. Persons whose condition indicates consumption of alcohol, intoxicants, persons with outward signs of disease, posing a danger of drowning or posing a threat to the surroundings, wearing inappropriate clothing or remaining in negligee, will not be admitted to the Swimming Pool area.
  15. Persons violating the provisions of these Regulations, public order or disobeying the instructions of the lifeguard, person conducting classes or other authorized person will be expelled from the swimming pool area.
  16. Wszystkie osoby znajdujące się na terenie Basenu są zobowiązane  do zachowania  porządku, czystości, ciszy i bezwzględnego podporządkowania się nakazom ratownika  pełniącego dyżur, prowadzącego  zajęcia lub innej uprawionej osoby.
  17. All injuries, health problems and deterioration of well-being must be reported immediately to the nearest staff member.
  18. The managing entity is not responsible for health effects of staying in the pool and saunas once for the things left or lost in the pool area.
  19. The managing entity shall not be liable for damages caused by failure to comply with these Regulations. 
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